24 oct. 2011

Scientific love

 I would tell you that he broke my heart…
 …but heart is a muscle. Therefore it cannot break.
 I would tell you that he shattered it into pieces…
 …but heart is not made of glass. Therefore it cannot shatter as the saying goes.
 I would say that my heart grows cold at the thought of him…
 …but blood is always hot. Therefore you most likely be dead.
 I would say that I’ve cried so much over him, I can shed no more tears…
 …but that is highly illogical. Though you have cried abundantly, there is no way you could have dried your tear ducts.
 I would assume that I loved him…
 …but love is just a word that is generally used wrongly. I am a scientist. As a scientist, I cannot give you the metaphoric feelings you desire.
 I would give my heart for him…
 …but that is impossible. Heart is strongly connected to other organs in your body.
 I really like how you see everything logically, even our relationship. I like the way you always take my metaphors.
 We are like polar opposites. You’re an artist, I’m a scientist.
 But I love the way we argue and the way we see thing totally different, but you still complete me.
 Your words, are so … deep. And now, I do think that he is the man who can do the impossible – the man who broke your heart.
 You’re my scientific lover.
 In the end, you must follow your heart…
 …but bring the brain with you

(Tema mea la engleza de Valentine's Day 2011)

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