6 dec. 2011


You are stealing me,
From me.
Every gesture,
Every word,
Every memory.
I'm feeling empty now,
All over me,
Inside and out...>
Just like a black hole.
I'm not whole anymore.
I was left breathless,
Laying on the floor.
If you walk out,
Please...do close
The door, cause
I don't want help.
I just want
My soul back...
Feeling how i felt.
Don't wanna be
An empty rack no more,
Floating helpless
Near the shore.
I want to hug the sun,
Feel it's light, it's warmth
On my skin...
Which i adore
And in the end,
I don't want your pain,
Not anymore...

3 comentarii:

  1. :) titlul asta nu merge fara melodie :D

  2. ma simt atat de bine cand citesc ceva in engleza:)

  3. Nu mă pot opri din citit, recitit, re....re...recitit. E mai mult decât poezie, e mai mult decât muzică, e un sentiment care cântă în versuri. Felicitări!


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