23 iun. 2011

Welcome To The World

When you're told to be happy and to face all your fears
but you're brought down by hate and blinded by tears
The world doesn't want somebody who's sad
you want to be loved but instead you go mad

and everyone tries to throw you in groups
and judge you by hair and your old ratty shoes
it seems like we're part of some master plan
When we're given some worthless and useless demand

and everyone lies and fakes who they are
and you hold yourself up when you know you're no one
and you wanted to know what you're all about
but hell if you try to even figure it out

when your dreams are shut down by reality's shock
and your life is dictated by the time on the clock
you become part of the noise that just won't die
and no one explains or tells you  ‘yeah  why?’

and you're kept in the dark about the truth that you thirst
and the longing goes on and it’s still getting worse
you still wonder why we were put on this earth
is life a gift or is it a curse?

And the TV screams out more horrible news
that the Government kills us with the paths they all choose
we all try to find someone else to blame
when everyone's faults are nearly the same

and we act so damn cruel to the people we meet
we steal from the men who lives in the street
the world is preocupied with what’s on the shelf
and we don't care about anything else

and teenagers sit on the street where they smoke
to them, living life is just a big joke
they down some vodka, some wine and some rum
in order to make all their senses go numb

we all feel so weak and shattered like glass
and we try to believe that this will soon pass
but it all piles up, and it all falls apart
and it’s really quite hard to cure broken heart

and here's one more thing, I'm sure you will laugh
we all make up crap and call it a fact
if we're good or bad, I cannot decide
but kick up your feet, please enjoy the ride.

*daca preferi varianta in limba romana o gasesti aici :

Bun venit pe lume! (Welcome To The World)

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